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Well guys, I finally went about getting SFS installed on this machine after getting my 040 PPC board upgraded to an 060 - I installed SFS as per Killer Gorilla's excellent instructions and it works brilliantly for OS3.9..

Installing SFS allowed the Installer to start (after I resized OS3.9's partition from 250mb to 160), and it appeared to allow OS 4 to be installed on the second partition.

It wouldn't start however with SFS on there, it would give me the usual blue, then red, then purple screens and do nothing... I then reformatted to FFS and it installed ok again and started, but OS 4 threw a load of errors about the SFS partitions on the machine.... plus with the additional side effect of the OS 4 FFS partition being 100% full and saying that it needed to be validated!!

I really don't know why I can't get this running again on this drive... 3.9 runs like a dream on the 060 with SFS now but surely OS 4 should work too!

I also set down and tried MorphOS again - not much luck here either... same old black screen...... arrrrgggh!! I guess I'm not good at the whole amiga thing anymore!

Anyone have any good suggestions for OS 4 and SFS?

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