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Amiga Explorea and TCP/IP


I also have a problem with Amiga Explorer and TCP/IP.
I have read the other recent thread but with no luck.
I Amiga Explorer is working fine with serial connection.
When I start EasyNet(to connect to lan) I can ping PC and PC can ping A1200.
I can access the internet with no problems.
When I start AExplorer at the A1200 is says connection: TCP/IP.
When I start Amiga Explorer at the PC I get a message at the A1200:
Error initializing socket connection.
The message at the PC is: Error reading from TCP/IP connection.
I have changed the password at PC in Amiga Explorer and in the AExplorer icon at the A1200.
I have added the line 356 *.*.*.* allow LOG in the inet.access file(no deny lines was present, though).
Hope someone can help, since serial connection is very slow.

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