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Heh, thanks..... my plans for finalizing and copying halted this day, cause "Waxhead - the network guru" had been configuring bad mountpoints or something in linux causing a "out of disk space" before I had even copied 30% of everything..... so an delay has been applied.

Now, for the dreaded 1TB over a 100mbps copying part... ohhhhh... I should really get an GBLAN router some day : )

I really do hope that most of the tracks are recorded properly. If there are any error, they are for sure the bad songlengths. These are 100% caused by problems with player engines within Eagleplayer and Delitracker. I've used so many hours, finding the most usable and most recent version of 157 engines to play with.... a lot of confusion arised.. the player engine revision numbering is highly confusing. Not to mention that a module might work with Deliplayer for windows, but not on a real amiga and vica versa.... maybe it worked in deli for amiga, but not in Eagleplayer and again vica versa... highly messy!

I had a lot of older engines lying around from the 90s and downloaded some from UADE, some from Wanted Team and Aminet, seeing that a revsion 0.5 of a given engine made in 95, suddenly came out as revision 1.2 in 2000, just to appear v0.9 again in 2003...stuff like that...highly confusing, but I guess due to different authors of the engine )

I've added some code since the start of the project to detect typical bad engine recording errors and after the initial recording queue for 394 days about 11000 errors were encontered..... so after many days of debugging and re-recording, the errors was squashed and tracked down.

As you may already know, determing the songlengths happend in Deliplayer 2.50b for windows. By saving the structured playlists and extracting out the songlengths with my own code, some prominent errors occured...and that is the dreaded "unable to detect songlength". These tunes ended up at 4:00 recording time (default in deliplayer), so if the tune actually lasts for more, its been cut off. If it lasted only for 30 seconds, the rest is silence and is detected by using SOX and trimmed accordingly, so no problems there.

Thats all I can say for my defence and I hope not to see any severe bugs posted in our forums...hehehe.
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