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Originally Posted by Skope View Post
Why would Sony have to cooperate in developing a hobbyist OS? They said nothing when Linux was ported to PS2, I would assume they would just do the same if some group of people made another OS available for their machine. Keyword here is hobbyist. Lots more people have a PS3 than there are people willing to chuck out insane money for a PPC mainboard, and if I understand correctly the PS3 is built around the PPC arch? If I had a PS3 and found out I could run Amiga OS on it, bet you ass I would. However, I'm never EVER gonna go out and buy a piece of crap PPC mainboard for $700 just so I could run OS4.
They wouldn't have to cooperate if people just wanted it to use the same filtered bits of hardware that PS3 Linux uses. In order to use the stuff like the 3D hardware, however, their cooperation would be very much needed. Granted, a software renderer good enough to run all existing Amiga 3D games better than any 3D card with OS4 support wouldn't be TOO impossible to do with the SPUs (which 3rd party OSes are allowed to use), but it would be much cooler if the real abilities of the PS3 could be used.

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