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I hate to say it but lets face it.... Hardware wise the amiga will eventually die, amiga's are dying all the time and some are on life support using a few hacks/mods/replacement parts to sustain them for a while. Some people have nice pristine amiga's that have had no problems.... but it will eventually have a seizure and choke....
My a1200 is immaculate but i know one day it will break...bad

Amiga's are no longer in production and have not been for a long time, meaning there numbers are not going to get higher

On the plus side the amiga will always live on through emulation and as a piece of computing history (as long as we all educate the younger generations ).

20 years from now people will be talking about there classic xbox and ps3 consoles and collecting/modding/hacking them etc.... But to be honest i cant see any current gen hardware lasting that long.... especially the xbox 360! I own one and its great but its not the most reliable or long lasting of platforms both microsoft and sony are building hardware that should in theory only really last until their next-gen stuff gets launched.

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