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Egg Shen
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Emulate a DX7 (6-op FM synthesis). Okay it's only on 4 channels due to Paula limitations, but it just works great ! You have tons of working patch to play with and you can even create new ones. If someone could make a FM tracker (softsynth) one day I would be so happy, even a 2 operators one like the FM chip in the MSX's FMpac (with maybe 8 channels) ! Plz someone !

@cosmicfrog : Yes this is another thing that blew me away, the PCHG format !
Actually I almost spent the last 2 years testing this mode and I have converted many pictures in PCHG (EHB and HAM), in all modes from Lowres, Lowres Interlaced, to Hires and Hires Interlaced. I have been downloading all type of images from photos to illustrations and game screenshots (I made a series of Half Life 2 ie). It's simply amazing !

I can't code, but if someone can help me, maybe we can try to make a slideshow. Among the most beautiful pics are those from Frank Frazetta, they could make a nice slideshow !
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