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Trying to get Amos 3D running on my 600

I got Amos Creator and Amos 3D. Both in box.

To run Amos 3D you need to update your Amos version.

I start by installing Amos The Creator on the harddrive.
This is how it should be done according to the manual.

Fire up workbench, mine is 2.1
Open cli
cd df0:
AMOS1.3 Install.AMOS
The program starts
Select install on harddrive
Reading a bit from the floppy then nothing. Can move mouse but nothing happends. Shift C doesnt help me either.

So now I ditch the idea of running Amos from the harddrive, just do a plain floppy install of Amos 3D.

Fire up Amos 3D.
Select floppy install.
It asks for a copy of my Amos Creator program disk unwriteprotected.
Insert my copyfloppy of the Amos program disk.
Read/write a bit
Error: disk full.

Now I'm here and stuck! What to do? Any ideas?


after reading my story I realized I might have clicked Install instead of update in Amos 3D .. Will try again.
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