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What I loved about the original Amiga OS was that it just worked, and I mean it did its job. I had WB 1.2 on my A1000 and then 1.3 and it was fine. I never had to run chkdsk, never had corrupt files on shutting it down, no corrupt registry and no stupid drivers blah blah all the crap we are putting up with Windows nowadays.

The OS was elegant in its coding design and it was also revolutionary because it multitasked. A miraculous achievement for a machine with no hardware memory protection at all. Not until Win XP did PCs even approach the simple elegant multitasking of WB 1.3

And I really liked the fact that I could use 4 different programs in 4 different screen resolutions as well as running them all at the same time. Wow what idiots bought Windows 1/2/3 hahaha fools!

Long live the memory of Dr Tim King and Tripos
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