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Originally Posted by Ratte View Post
If you own an A4000T you will have these problem (extra room needed for the NCRscsi.device).
All other systems (A500-A4000D) have enough romspace for a 3.9 rom.
You can create it classic compatible with two specials.

1. add the "wbfind" from a 4000t rom and your system allways works with workbench.library on disk ( should work without, but this is MORE compatible, because it search for the lib on every drive instead only LIBS: ).

2. icon.library 45.5 .. the only real "romable" 3.9 icon.library and downgraded to work also with 68000 cpus.
The presetting in 45.5 are changed to view old icon-sytle with borders (3.1 compatible) if no prefs are loaded.

Here is my old A500/600/2000(A1000) buildlist from 2006.
RomBase $F80000
RomSize 512
;Build list
/wbfind 40.1
@Akira: Twinkick3.9 is not public.
Not true when it comes to classicwb, scalos STILL cannot find workbench.lib.
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