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Ah, it did say 10th of March But those pesky bugs kept crawling into my system resulting in 142 additional tunes to be recorded not to mention some skew regarding files recorded and files noted in the database...

But, at this exact point of time.. now 23:01... its finalized and the database locked and ready to publish... (allthough copying 1TB will take some hours extra to complete, but 13th of March is for the end of it)

After 424 days or so breathing, living this project I call...madness?...this is AMIIIIGGAAA! BANG! hehe

Some juicy stats of the project here:

We know we are quirky about the mirror stuff, but we want to release the project in full and as bugfree as possible. Don't like the idea of half-witted collections with my name on it around. I do have to record some things and finalize, lock the SOASC= collection too during the next month, and after that we shall for real scan for mirrors and see if the community can help us.

Stay tuned!
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