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Originally Posted by DoogUK View Post
It's a room issue on the 512kb rom, the newer devices and libraries are bigger in size and something has to go...normaly icon.lib and workbench.lib as these are loaded in WB.

If you replace the exec with Piru's exec then there's room for icon.lib to stay in the rom...but not Workbench.lib as it's too large.

If i can successfuly create the 1mb rom this will eliminate the problem and leave lots of room for stuff to be added to the blizzkick modules etc.
If you own an A4000T you will have these problem (extra room needed for the NCRscsi.device).
All other systems (A500-A4000D) have enough romspace for a 3.9 rom.
You can create it classic compatible with two specials.

1. add the "wbfind" from a 4000t rom and your system allways works with workbench.library on disk ( should work without, but this is MORE compatible, because it search for the lib on every drive instead only LIBS: ).

2. icon.library 45.5 .. the only real "romable" 3.9 icon.library and downgraded to work also with 68000 cpus.
The presetting in 45.5 are changed to view old icon-sytle with borders (3.1 compatible) if no prefs are loaded.

Here is my old A500/600/2000(A1000) buildlist from 2006.
RomBase $F80000
RomSize 512
;Build list
/wbfind 40.1
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