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I don't know what you're all on about, 2 years ago I was using AmigaOS3.9, 1 year ago I was using AmigaOS4.x on Classic and AmigaOne and now I'm using AmigaOS4.1 on my SAM.

AmigaOS is far from dead and it's still evolving, you people are really quite silly, you are staying here with your older Amiga systems (or far worse don't even own actual Amiga hardware) and trying to accept AmigaOS is dead.

The new hardware has a slower CPU compared to what is on the market today but what does that have to do with a functional OS? AmigaOS is snappy and lightweight so even a 677mhz PPC processor provides good performance.

Look at this remark I randomly cut out:

If only Amiga didnt fall on its arse and was still developing the OS and hardware, I think the Amigas OS would be the very close to what I expect today but sadly nope and never will.
I don't think some of you know what planet you're on. The Amiga is probably far better off without you.

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