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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
Well what did you expect when a thread like this was started

I feel sorry for Cammy, the Australian Princess/Goddess/Master of all Females etc etc or any other female having to read some of these posts

Can you believe being described as I'm surprised Cammy hasn't gone on the offensive with a comment like that

Watch out for cammy, she'll strike you down with a bolt of lightening and make you eat your words
that comment was actually about how sexless and the same i see us all here really... honest.....

it comes from a few years ago when i was doing some research with military cadets.. we set up a LAN and had female vs male cadets play FPS games like Rainbow Six Vegas. the result was that women work better in teams on team games and beat the guys on a six to four game ratio.
when i asked the male cadets why they thought they had been beaten so many times by women teams they replied 'sir what women sir...... they are men with boobs..... sir'
i gues the only way some chaps can accept women may be better than them is to pretend they are men..
the guys performed better in groups of two or on individual games

anyhow - drink enough beer and we can all be men with boobies
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