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Amiga OS is perfect on my Amiga 1200. On my PC I have Vista Ultimate. Doesn't have any issues playing video, games, music, or surfing. Multitasking I don't know what every one is talking about it being not as good as Amiga OS. I have 5 servers running and I still play games with no slow down even Crysis. I love both systems for different reasons. My amiga plays all the games I grew up with better than my old PC. The graphics are better as well. But for today's world Vista Ultimate works exactly as I need it too and not slow at all. I have a Phenom 9950 Quad 8GB Ram and a Gforece 9600GTX. Maybe its the Ultimate part and yeah I spent the extra $150 for it. Maybe its the Quad core dividing up the resources. Or maybe I just don't click yes to every little pop up that comes my way while surfing.

I wouldn't give up either system. I need both. Vista will die when MS says they need more money. And Amiga OS will be with me till I'm the one that dies.
Oh and Mac OS. I don't like Mac just can't do 1/2 the things my PC can. No games either. well not many anyway. Software pours out of PCs and Mac just waits for someone to actually give a shit. Once in a wile someone says awe poor Mac user let me make a port for you.

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