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Originally Posted by musashi5150 View Post
Mrs Mushi doesn't really have an opinion on my hobbies. She is quite happy for me to do whatever I want as long as it makes me happy. I have my own "office" (read: playroom) and so my mess doesn't disturb her or make the rest of the house untidy. I even have an A2000 in our bedroom under the TV

In fact she encouraged me recently to buy a NeoGeo because "it would make me happy". So I feel that's quite a good result really
you have a real wife
wifes from Japan and wifes from arab countries are the best in the world
they were made to be wife,they were made to don't argue with her husband and they were made to make her husband happy

wifes from the occidental world are like snakes,they were made to be unhappy all the time and make her husbands unhappy , waste money on stupid things all the time,
also they were made to cheat and only thing that make them happy is the money
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