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Yay hi guys
this is my first day out of bed since byte-back........
at first i thought it was beer abuse but found out i had some sort of gut virus - the misses has it now.

well what can I say - it was great to meet you all. Thanx for the tabs froggie dude and thanx for the miggy and box of disks Jimbob. Zetro is a dude and should be a fellow weightlifter - shoulders like garth.
I had a great time and met some great folks. the fellow geek level was on a massively scary scale and I was very impressed. I made some good research contacts including jon hare and joel - the guy with the Doomsday machine. I really wish i had made some contribution so I will to the next event, I will set up a miggy and GP2x with cradle and pads, and perhaps (wish wish) a pandora.
Saturday was great, and got better as soon as i dropped the car off - beer abuse started at 4pm and went on until 5 am. i shared a room with jimbob and have vague memories of him trying to get into bed with a can of beer and spilling it all over the place lol .
i got home sunday and then the bottom dropped out of the world
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