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OK, here we go in ascending age order

Commodore stuff:
Vic 20
64 with 1541
128 with 1541-2
Amiga 1000, 20MB Xebec HD, Spirit Inboard 1.5MB, 256KB chip internally, 256KB chip expansion
Amiga 500, KS 1.2 and 1.3, Spirit HDA-506 with 40MB ST-251 MFM disk, 1.5MB slow mem
Amiga 500+, KS 2.04, Supradrive 500xp with SCSI->IDE bridge, CF card , 2MB chip, CSA MMR 68030 with 68882 and 8MB 32bit fast, with 512KB SRAM
Amiga 600, KS2.05, Apollo 620 with 8MB fast RAM, 512MB CF card.
Amiga 2000, KS3.1 CSA Magnum 40/4 with 8MB 32bit fast, 2GB disk, Retina Z2
Amiga 3000, KS2.04, 2MB chip/16Fast, 030/882@25MHz, Piccolo SD64
Amiga 4000, KS3.1, 2MB chip, 16fast, WarpEngine 40/4 +64MB, Cybervision 64

Psion (yeah, I collect Psion stuff...)
Organiser (the original)
Organiser 2 (XP and LZ64)
Series 3
Series 3c
Series 3mx
Series 5mx

Dos/WinCE handheld PCs
HP 200lx, HP 320lx, 720, Sigmarion 3 (still use this)

Plus a few other non-determinate PC bits.
And a Wii. For the kids, of course. As is all of this. *cough*
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