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My wife likes gaming. Especially retro shoot 'em ups and more recent racing games. But also has a facination with girlie games like singstar on the PS2 and Wii games for parties. Two things I'm not so interested in.

I had already been heavily into collecting retro gaming stuff for years before I met her, so she always knew what I came with! And I've collected vintage Star Wars stuff for many years too. However she still hasn't seen the bulk of that collection which is currently stored in my parents loft taking up about a third of the whole area.

But she is OK with it all. She even buys me Star Wars items every Christmas and birthday.

She does however sometime drop a little comment, such as "you will be selling all that stuff when we have children won't you! So you can fund them!" Umm... NO!

So I'm now planning a loft conversion. She keeps saying there won't be space for me to keep the third bedroom as my "office" when we do have children, so there is nothing for it. A loft conversion into a larger "office" is the only solution.

And I agree with whoever said about not letting them touch your computers. Her laptop is a nightmare. She has every chat client running in the taskbar from bootup so the system takes weeks to finish loading, then once it has you are bombarded with loads of windows popping up and new messages all over the place from her friends on MSN, Skype, Facebook.. etc. And the system is a mess with icons all over the place filling the whole desktop and files saved in random places all over the HD. And what does she keep moaning about? That the laptop is slow!

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