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Well, I suspect that some members of the cracking groups worked with the post/hand delivery/phone and only the releaser would have a modem (probably like that until up into the 90's).

So you can still have fun imagining how they would communicate and how the errors could get in, notably if members where from different countries and resorted to English (not native speakers):

[to be read with a foreign English accent]
'Hey dude, can you make a cracktro for our next release? It's a game called errr let's me check...Turrican.

'Tu ricanes? That's some silly name. Can you repeat please, I must have misheard.'
[in French, Turrican sounds exactly as 'Tu ricanes' which means 'you giggle']

[Now read that one imagining the guy has a cold and speak through his nose]
'Yeah, it's Turrican'
'Turicon? Ok, I'm on it'

Also, you can have a good load of fun if you inspect the first screenshot a bit and see that the team making the Distroyer crack are the Southampton (England) team
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