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That was also the hint from Cloanto, but in my inet.access all entries are on "Allow" right after installation of Genesis.

From AExplorer website:

"Users of the GENESiS TCP/IP software as distributed in the "Amiga OS 3.9" package may have all ports from 0 to 1023 blocked by default ("$ *.*.*.* deny LOG" line in "AmiTCP:db/inet.access" file). To allow Amiga Explorer to access port 356, add a line with "356 *.*.*.* allow LOG" before the line blocking all other ports (lines are processed top to bottom)."

This line "$ *.*.*.*" has never exists in my inet.access. Nevertheless I tried it with "356 *.*.*.* allow LOG", but i also won't work. And (this confused me very much) by using the GUI to config Genesis, it is not possible to enter this. It only accepts correct IP adresses without a port as a prefix (Tab "Access" in the Genesis Config Tool).

Any other suggestions?

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