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Hi Dale,

Last night I downloaded the CD ISO image (441.78MB) of user contributed software from the OpenQNX Community Portal. The CD contains a repository of software packages for QNX 6 (specifically QNX 6.2) in .qpk/.qpm file pairs.

This evening, in an attempt to update the hardware support for AmigaOS XL, I created a fresh installation of QNX 6.1 and AmigaOS XL on my 1GHz PIII system, but I could find no installable repository packages on the QNX 6.2.1, 6.3.0 or 6.4 CDs using the QNX 6.1 Software Installer.

I repeated the attempt once more, this time on a vanilla QNX 6.1 installation, but with the same result. I had thought that maybe the presence of AmigaOS XL had somehow blinded the Software Installer to further packages, but it evidently hadn't.

It therefore seems to be impossible to update QNX 6.1 by using the later QNX installation CDs. I got the idea to try this when I had QNX 6.2.1 installed and AmigaOS XL wasn't working properly. QNX 6.2.1 is a two-stage installation process, and the second stage involves installing further packages from the CD repository once the bare bones have been installed and the machine has been rebooted from the hard drive. AmigaOS XL won't install after the first stage only due to "unresolved dependencies", so the second stage is required too. When AmigaOS XL, having been installed, would not then work properly, I put the QNX 6.3.0 CD in the CD-ROM drive to see if that might contain anything which might fix it. I can recall that the Software Installer found a QNX 6.3 update package or something like that, but I can't remember what happened next. Either it failed to install due to "unresolved dependencies", or else it installed but rendered the system unusable. It was unsuccessful either way.

Failure to update QNX 6.1 by this method suggests that it possibly uses a different filesystem to the 6.2 and 6.3 versions. I know from the QNX 6.4 installation notes that QNX 6.4 uses the "Power-Safe" filesystem by default and that the "QNX 4" filesystem can be chosen instead to match that used by versions 6.2.x and 6.3.x, but no mention is made of QNX 6.1 or earlier. However, the repository on the CD of user contributed software is readily accessible from the QNX 6.1 Software Installer, and this software is intended specifically for QNX 6.2, so that would suggest that the QNX 6.1 and 6.2 filesystems are compatible. To test this, I installed a Solitaire card game from the QNX 6.2 software repository and it worked flawlessly under QNX 6.1.

Unfortunately the Software Installer I had sought when I downloaded the CD image (a program called "stow"), requires PERL (which is not included), and it is unlikely to be compatible with QNX 6.4 anyway, because of the difference in software package format between the 6.4 and earlier repositories.

Methinks it is now time to seek help from the OpenQNX forum. If there is no relevant thread there, I shall start a new one if I can come up with a suitable opening post!

The only positive thing I have achieved so far, since I started contributing to this thread, is that I have found the optimum graphics configuration for QNX 6.1 / AmigaOS XL installation which achieves seamless switching between the QNX and Workbench screens on my machine when using the QNX 6.1 ISO CD image I downloaded from the OpenQNX Community Portal instead of the one bundled with the AmigaOS XL package.

QNX 6.1:
tnt Video Driver
1024x768 Resolution
32-Bit True Color / 16M Color Depth
70Hz Refresh Rate
Disable Hardware Cursor

AmigaOS XL System/Prefs/ScreenMode:
AmigaXL: 1024x768 32bit BGR
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