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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Erm, can anyone show me the post where this turned into 'OS 4 on PS3'? Then again, please don't...
Amiga Inc. is a joke, but this one is even better (or worse). Come on guys, if you should hope for something, then a PC version (and that is also very vague...)

Haven't you figured it out yet TheCyberDruid todays cpu user has only loyalty to convienence availability and price. And why not eh, lets have this because we can and lets run this because we can and lets steal err sorry utilise all this older work for nothing. While I'm at it I'll pat myself on the back for getting all this and only paying for the hardware.

The world is going down hill because noone makes anything matter and people are simply getting greedier.

I certainly hope sooner rather than later someone builds another arc.

but hey, when did this thread turn into the 'end of humanity'
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