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Amiga Explorer and TCP/IP


I used Amiga Explorer a long time with a serial connection. For a couple of weeks I bought a X-Surf 3 to get more speed using this nice tool. But I can't get it to work. My configuration

Amiga side:
- Amiga 2000 (GVP 68030 @ 40 Mhz)
- OS 3.9
- X-Surf 3
- Genesis & AmiTCP
- AExplorer 2008

Windows side:
- Windows Vista
- AExplorer 2008

On the windows side the port 356 is free (needed for AExplorer). On the Amiga side I'am not really sure how to give this port free (there is a hint on the Cloanto webside, but it won't work). My problem is, that a connection is not possible. I can ping the Amiga from the PC when Ethernet is running, but that is all. Is there anybody who knows how to config it right? I google'd a lot, but can not find anything that helps me out.

Thanks for help!
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