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Originally Posted by Nipedley View Post
Hey guys, I hope this is ok. I've been trying to find this (yet another) educational puzzle game for a long, long time. I wish my parents kept a list of all the software I played as a kid! I remember this one pretty well, I'm fairly certain it would have been a demo or shareware on a PC format-esque magazine. It would have been win95ish time.
hmmm puzzle, demo / shareware like.... win95ish..... y'know it could well be win95

Originally Posted by Nipedley View Post
The game itself I remember as being a puzzle game, it had elements missing that you had to fill in,...
hmmmm Win95 ?

Originally Posted by Nipedley View Post
possibly gears and chains and when you finished the puzzle I remember a lightbulb would light to tell you that you completed it. I also remember a mascot which could have been an animal (mouse-like).
damn if this doesnt sound like Windows 95

Originally Posted by Nipedley View Post
Another game I remember (from the same cd/floppy) was of a colourful cartoon farm. This one I distinctly remember being a demo version. There was also a game called arcadia or something similar.

It's doubtful anyone has that cd anymore but if it rings a bell of something you played or your kids played back in the day please feel free to let me know. The only childhood edu title i've found that I played was Amy's Fun-2-3 so far!
hmmm not too sure on those games however

LOL, couldn't help it,.... good luck on your quest ofr a name though
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