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Originally Posted by dframeli View Post

Actually, I've discovered that QNX v6.4 does auto mount the AmigaOS XL CD whenever it is placed in the drive.

Using the QNX file manager, you can see the contents of the disk if you navigate to the fs folder and then to the cd0 folder.

However, I have so far been unable to locate the QNX v6.4 package installer utility.

I think all I have to do to get AmigaOS XL installed is to locate the package installer and point it at the AmigaOS XL package stored my CD.

If you find out wher they've hidden it, let me know

Hi Dale,

Today, I installed QNX 6.4 into a type 79 partition on My 1GHz PIII system. Yes, you're right about the AmigsOS XL CD being automounted when it's inserted into the CD-ROM drive.

The files are accessible using the File Manager. Default path is /root. Navigate up one level and then to /fs/cd0/repository. The AmigaOS XL package comprises the four files
amigaosxl-1.1-hp.qpk 18,948,964 bytes (gzip compressed data),
amigaosxl-1.1-hp.qpm 6,466 bytes (XML file),
amigaosxl-1.1-x86-hp.qpk 754,289 bytes (gzip compressed data),
amigaosxl-1.1-x86-hp.qpm 5,617 bytes (XML file).
However, without a Software Installer utility they are not recognized as an installable package and have default (document) icons.

The amigaosxl-1.1-hp.repdata/LicenseURL folder contains the EULA in the license.txt file (11,301 bytes), which can be opened with the Text Editor by double-clicking on it.

Using the File Manager, there doesn't seem to be anything on the hard disk or on the QNX 6.4 CD which is intended to create a Software Installer utility or to serve as one.

The QNX 6.4 CD repository folder contains packages in .tarx format data files, whereas the packages in that of the QNX 6.1 CD are in .qpk/.qpm file pairs, just like on the AmigaOS XL CD. Unfortunately, this seems to suggest that the AmigaOS XL repository packages would not be compatible with the QNX 6.4 System Installer anyway, even it it existed!

It looks like the only hope now of getting AmigaOS XL working with QNX 6.4 is to try the user contributed software installer on the CD ISO image available from the OpenQNX Community Portal and hope that it's compatible with both QNX 6.4 and the software package format used by the earlier repositories.

I haven't downloaded this yet, but in the meantime I will try upgrading a working QNX 6.1 / AmigaOS XL installaton with the update packages on the QNX 6.2 and 6.3 installation CDs in an attempt to get AmigaOS XL working with the additional hardware support offered by the later versions. QNX 6.3 looks to be the latest version which shares the same installable software package format as version 6.1, so I expect that the QNX 6.4 update packages will not be visible to the earlier Software Installer(s).


PS. If neither of these attempts work, then maybe it's time to start posting on the OpenQNX forum.

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