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HI there!

I'm closely following Novacoder's networking troubles as I'm right now also fighting against Easynet and a MMA401 wireless card. I couldn't make my A1200 make friends with my PC yet (no file transferring, still on it ^_^'), but the things is somehow working as the live update did its job and downloaded its stuff through my PC Internet connection.

Then I tried to install AWeb... and found myself in the reverse problem as exposed here. I mean, my A1200 is a 3.1 ROM-3.1 WB system, so Aweb requires the Classact files. I downloaded them from Aminet, but Aweb seems to dislike the button.gadget file for no aparent reason (says it couldn't open it, snoopdos confirms the action "failed", but button.gadget is in its right place ->"classes/gadgets/").

This happened with version 3.5 beta, the one included in Amigakit's Easynet CD-ROM. I tried with 3.4 from Aweb site with the very same result.

Any suggestion what to check next?

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