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Well I use windowsXP not to be the latest kid on the block! Its because it works better for me than 98/ME!
I still have a dualboot system running 98se for old apps and dodgy games that wont run.
Winuae works 100% with sound and picasso96 screen modes on my setup... the only problem i get is opengl wont work??? even tho my card is opengl and even listed as compatible with amithlon?
I thinks its true about the 1ghz cpu thing with uae. We have two setups based around Amd athlons! one has a 1ghz cpu and the other has a 900mhz cpu which seems just a tad slower with sound on uae...
This problem will go away completely (I hope) with all this new hardware thats coming in the next few months!
Then we will see mega powerfull amiga's! wonder if the 68060 could be emulated? wishfull thinking LOL
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