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Alright, it goes something like this:
00:07 CPUs, monitors, 7MHz and we've got ourselfs a time machine able to take us back to the past.
00:14 Although it's hard to tell the difference between a car and a plane or a football player from a bike, the fun from such a journey is incredible.
00:21 There's an Amiga fan's meeting right now in Siemianowice Śląskie.
00:24 Dusted off, you couldn't sell those old computers in the cheapest pawn shops are still priceless for some people.
00:30 - "Tell me please, how many files you've got there?" ... - "Files? Three of them."
00:35 Back in the days when this computer was on top this was all you needed.
00:38 Even tho the times have changed the good old Amiga is in a pretty good shape.
00:42 - "Every single person who remembers this, looks with a tear in the eye and still gets amazed."
00:47 - "They see something familiar about it and admit, Damn, this was something that got me going. And still does."
00:56 Today, the abilities of such hardware are very degraded.
01:00 - "We've got modern hardware, with lots of software and hardware, and still, many of us still have this kind of older hardware hidden in the attic."
01:05 - "This is where the main idea of such a meeting came. To take it out, dust it off, use it and have fun."
01:12 Nobody had to be forced into having fun with these games. Especially because many of them became cult throughout the years.
01:18 - "This hardware has a soul imho, I was raised on it, it reminds me about the good old times, those old games... the new games aren't that fun really, the new graphics and all, it just doesn't give me as much satisfaction as the older productions."
01:29 Those production may not be graphically stunning, but still have that special 'something', that let's us play them for hours, in opposition to the modern games that need the newest hardware.
01:37 - "Me for example, after 30 mins of playing such a game, I'm getting weary. I'm fatigued with the fast action, with the eye-candy graphics and especiall effects, that hurts."
01:47 The pain is different here.
01:50 - "This is one of my favorite games, that I like to have a go at, so we found a few guys who also wanted to play, so, we played it."
01:58 Eugeniusz Kurzaja easly understands the sentiments of the Amiga users, he himself doesn't use a phone nor a messenger but this hardware instead. Because it, as he said, has a soul.
02:08 - "These entusiasts... they... I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot of them with time, because people usually store these kind of old hardware, in the attic or somewhere, so they will take it out, dust it off - as we say - and they're going to have fun."
02:18 Playing old games on old hardware has even been enjoyable for people who don't usually have anything in common with an Amiga.
02:23 - "Some people came in and said, wow, great, how about we play something?"
02:28 And when they'll finally get cought, it's not easy to stop having fun.
(Damn my exams, I could be there and say something stupid to teh camera... about me cats! )
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