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Links and Strip Poker aren't exactly pushing the hardware though! Strip Poker has a static screen with a sprite pointer and only has to redraw the card decks, which it doesn't have to be frame critical, it doesn't have to be smooth, and its a VERY simple piece of code that wouldn't trouble even the most feeble hardware.

Links drew the screen and then moved a tiny ball around, so the programmer only had to refresh the areas that the ball moved in, and well, try and do Lionheart in HAM mode and then try and shift it......... HAM mode is fine for static non-action games, anything more than that and its utterly pointless, but clever use of copper means a very colourful game.

I think if memory serves me right, Jim Power is Dual Playfield, so technically, its only a 16 colour game, but with clever copper usage, its too damned colourful!!
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