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Re: Hmmm

Originally posted by Galahad/FLT
I agree that HAM8 is not useful for moving screens but I don't believe on your DMA-time explanation because AGA 8 bitplane lores screen with FMODE-register set to 3 uses only 1/4th of available DMA time..

Lo Res AGA 8 bitplane is nice, but if you want high quality output, you would go for Hi res, hence my statement. If you want to output the highest quality, it then becomes pointless trying to shift it around, and then the blitter has 3 extra bitplanes to shift around... etc, etc. Sometimes Commodore could be quite inventive, and other times they were idiots!!!! Most of the A12oo design is because of idiots!
From what I recall of the magazine's etc. following CBM's demise AGA design had more to do with cost-cutting from management than anything else.
Rather than invest sufficient time & resources into the AAA design, the AGA design was rushed onto the market,whilst plans for a next-gen RISC based Amiga were mooted but never saw the light of day.
The AGA machines never lived up to the hype that the AAA design specs probably would've delivered.
More to the point, they certainly lacked the technical wizardry that the original Amiga had when it was launched.
As was noted earlier, whilst the AGA machines could display 256 colours, the programmers of 3D games particularly complained the Amiga couldn't handle 256 colour 3D games as the Amiga lacked a byte-per-pixel mode ala the PC's display. Indeed early plans by Bullfrog for a 256 colour hi-res version of Syndicate were dropped because of this.
I could be wrong,but I thought that the Amiga version of Links (The PC Golf game), might've used the HAM mode,("Hold-And-Modify"),. I believe as a result it was incredibly slow, but that it did use it. And what about all those digitised Strip Poker type games,didn't they use the HAM mode?
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