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Originally Posted by Ironclaw View Post
Donations are for appreciation not mandatory.

Hmmm.... I'm in a similar situation, sort of... I program games... and got several I would like to do... like the Monkey Island - Bar game (will be totally awesome).... but lack the motivation as I gain nothing on making it... as I need to spend ALOT of time ripping, coding, putting it all together. As it's not my graphics, nor sound and music, it's illegal to charge anything.... I've heard I can't even have banners on the page, if the game on that page has borrowed stuff... not even a donations button ...

What would you people's thoughts be on this? Could it be ok to have a donations button and maybe banners on a page with games I've created using other peoples gfx and sfx?.... I mean, I do not CHARGE anyone for playing, it's free ofc, but I only hope to get some "appriciation" sent my way .
OMG !! I totally read your post wrong Ironclaw.

Im so sorry !!
I can see your problem ...the only real way out is a total remake using your own gfx etc. Then i see no reason why you cant do what you would like to do. Unless you get the permission of course in which case the project would be great !! Good Luck

Just out of interest check out how this site deals with its donations....Could you not do the same sort of thing ?? I would happily make a site for you !!

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