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Originally Posted by Ironclaw View Post
What would you people's thoughts be on this? Could it be ok to have a donations button and maybe banners on a page with games I've created using other peoples gfx and sfx?.... I mean, I do not CHARGE anyone for playing, it's free ofc, but I only hope to get some "appriciation" sent my way .
I regard that as a variant of sampling, and in my book that is totally ok! It's one thing to rip graphics and say that YOU made it, but since this is not the case I don't think there's any thievery to speak of. The game itself is old enough to have fallen into the abandonware category already anyway methinks, and I don't think you'd even get as much as a grumpy email from the original makers.

Something new from something old.

Edit: And besides you could always email them and tell them a little about your hobbyproject and ask if it's ok with them to use their old material. Could be worth to note that the original game is 20 years old now.
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