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Donations are for appreciation not mandatory.

Hmmm.... I'm in a similar situation, sort of... I program games... and got several I would like to do... like the Monkey Island - Bar game (will be totally awesome).... but lack the motivation as I gain nothing on making it... as I need to spend ALOT of time ripping, coding, putting it all together. As it's not my graphics, nor sound and music, it's illegal to charge anything.... I've heard I can't even have banners on the page, if the game on that page has borrowed stuff... not even a donations button ...

What would you people's thoughts be on this? Could it be ok to have a donations button and maybe banners on a page with games I've created using other peoples gfx and sfx?.... I mean, I do not CHARGE anyone for playing, it's free ofc, but I only hope to get some "appriciation" sent my way .
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