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Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
Magix's is a better place than the current one your sharing it on. Private p2p will only share to minority, while a public ftp gets more viewers.
Yeah, well it wasn't always like that.
No FTP when I uploaded my whole collection and definitely not as commonly available.
Still, FTP and P2P are just types sharing, I see con's and pro's for both and aren't going to get to every Amiga freak on the planet.
Only using multiple types of file sharing will.

Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
How does that underground place work. As long as you have a p2p file that people need your not going to be barred. [...]
You worry too much, it ain't that cruel
Underground gamer is a really cool community, and I'm saying that as a real P2P hater I was a few years ago.
Besides, there's GOLDEN TORRENT WEEKEND from time to time that let's you download anything GOLDENT for "free" (ratio) and upload on 2x the size.
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