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Originally Posted by skateblind View Post
So you have bunched other peoples hard work into one pack and now expect to get donations?
Well no not exactly !!

I have spent a lot of time creating menus, an installer, website, putting the whole thing together then giving it away free to some plank like you !!

The site says exactly what it is !!

"Emulation Station is one single installation of the very best
Emulators available. Most are ready to run and include the
games that are freeware and Public Domain. You are able
to add games or roms to expand your personal collection "

Donations are for appreciation not mandatory. "Funny how both my " Tribute to the Amiga " dvd's went down so well but that may be because i spent hours making them and posting hundreds to people at my own expense !!

The full version of this is over 4 gig and i cant afford to do that anymore so i thought donations might help.

But why would you give a shit !!

No problem il take it down !!
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