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Hi there Nova,

Some points based on my own experiences:

A: Could never get EasyNet to work with my Prism2 supported MA401 card. People warned me about the apparent "impossibilty" of easily setting up a wireless connection with AmiTCP/IP (which EasyNet is the GUI for if I understand correctly)...they seem to have been correct!

B: EasyNet however kicks ass if you are using a wired connection, which is how I now use it...very good indeed!

C: I tried Miami & thought it would never work either, but it was a matter of hitting "return/enter" before the "ok" gui when putting in the DNS settings I think....a quick search will reveal is easy to set up, just needs one tricky action.

So...after all that, I've got a spare MA401, since I hard-wired a network throughout my house before finding out how I missed a simple step in the Miami setup process.

I'll PM you my number since we are both in Oz...send me an SMS if you are interested or have any questions about the card

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