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Voted Amiga 500, and that's a no brainer for me. It's simply the most fun computer I've ever used in my life. I had an Atari 520STFM back in 1987 but most of my friends had Amiga 500's. Then one day some guy wanted to trade his 500 for my Atari and I was just "WTF YES!!!". My 500 broke down in 1996 sadly and I traded down to an A1200 that eventually got a Blizzard 1260, Elbox Power Tower, Mediator, Voodoo3 2000 and eventually sold to some guy in TBL in 2001. Now I'm back to an A1200 with 1260 in it and I'm pretty satisfied with that, even if it's nowhere near the experience of the 500. Love that machine!
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