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Graham Humphrey
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Not a big fan of writing about myself but I'll do it this time

My name's Graham (surprise), I am the newest (and youngest and best-looking ) global moderator at EAB, having been promoted to the position in July 2008.

I've been into Amigas since I was five years old, so basically I have grown up with the machine. I had an A500+ first soon after they came out, followed by an A600, and finally an A1200 (but I only got that in 2001). I've had, and still own, various other consoles and computers in the meantime but the Amiga has been the only constant in the last 17-and-a-half years or so. Currently my A1200 has a 2.1Gb hard drive, a CD-ROM drive, an an '040 accelerator with 32MB of Fast RAM.

Like Bippy I also have got involved in various different things - programming (using Blitz Basic, but not so much these days), writing (I've written for the magazine Amiga Point Of View, as well as the now-defunct print magazine Total Amiga, German publication Amiga Future which I regularly contribute to, and disc-based mag RGCD which covers new games for old systems, as well as PC indie games) and of course, moderating this fine forum as well as Lemon Amiga too.

I'm also one-third of the team that runs the EAB/Lemon Super League, which is a score-based competition open to all members of both forums. I started an EAB League in May 2007 (which also led to me becoming a moderator of the EAB Competition sub-forum for 13 months prior to moving up), as I thought it would be good to have one here after Lemon had a league for a few years, and by January 2008 we decided to have one big joint league, which is becoming increasingly popular and is great fun to take part in, so if you've never checked it out before, why not join in? Everyone is welcome.

Other interests outside of the Amiga and games in general are football (and Norwich City especially), indie/alternative music and of course, going down the pub with my mates.

That was longer and more tedious than I intended but at least you know I am only human like the rest of you
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