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Originally posted by ┬žane
You might want to reconsider using DMS as a dumping method, DP.

I don't want to start another ADF/DMS feud, it is a great format and all, but the fact remains it will produce a different CRC in some but not all cases. I have encountered this phenomenon myself, it may only be a matter of a single byte and you will wind up with yet another alt copy.
I would prefer to use DISK2FDI because it puts an Amiga DOS disk right on my PC in about a minute, which I can then test with any number of emulated Amiga configurations. Obviously it doesn't work with some games or high density disks, but overall I've had terrific success.

I'm going to be dumping a lot more disks in the near future and I want to make it easy but also beneficial to the Amiga community present and future. Do you think someone is going to make an ADF to DMS tool for the PC soon or is that not technically possible?
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