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Well I must say that I have pretty much tolerant missus. She is a occasional gamer herself. Before our PS2 went bust last year, she beat me fair and square on Tekken 5 in some sessions.

When she came home living with me, the Amigas were already there, so she knew that was a way of living. And when I explained her that the work I made with the Amigas helped me buy a house and cars in the 90's, she understood the importance of such beasts.

When our own daughter started to play with the A500 and CD32 by her own initiative, she figured out that the retro gene was passed to the next generation, so not much could be done about that.

She already had a great laugh with the Cat Wing thread in OT, so she knows what this Amiga thang is all about: a bunch of healthy maniacs!
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