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I, like most of you am blessed with a very tolerant wife..

Oddly enough my retro obsession was started a few years ago by my now almost 11 yo son... He was very much into Sonic the Hedgehog for some reason, so I scoured ebay for all Sonic games, which led me to buy a 2nd hand Dreamcast, which eventually led me to buy 4 neo geo pockets which somehow led me to buy a stand up arcade machine which somehow led me to get the old 1200 & 500 out of the garage which then of course led me to buy an A2000 which then led me to buy another A500 for some reason and then an A3000, a CD32 and an A1000..
Somewhere in between I bought a C64 to replace my original one I can't seem to find anywhere and I've just been authorized to buy an A4000 which is on it's way even as I type... ( This last was for my B'day.... in April)


A) It's all my son's fault ( who now couldn't care less about Sonic and spends all his time on bloomin Runescape)
B) I have a very, very tolerant wife who must love me 'coz otherwise I have no idea why she'd put up with my 'hobby'.... In fairness though, when we first met ( 21 years ago) I was running a BBS and one Xmas before we got married I bought her an A500 pack so I think she went into this with her eyes open
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