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DOpus5 has me beat, DOpusMag2 will be no better. I cannot get used to the buttons at top of listers, they are dumb.

All i like is something that is more updated and is easy going without having to think about each button press first.

Maybe Scalos is the way or even AfA. I know they are better than DOpusMag2 but there colours will need a lot of time for me to adjust them, or maybe theres some nice extra (configured) colours to use instead. Afa doesn't really do it by looking at the screenshots to old looking. Scalos on its web site, the screenshots in 60's retro kaleidoscope colours look horrible. But its interface looks it can be worked with. I'll have a go at both Scalos and AfA in different new folders setup on WinUAE to test them out.
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