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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
If you would have used the time for making the disk instead of writing all that stuff Slayer, I guess you would have saved some precious moments of your life
I agree completely, trouble is I am at work

Jobs like this are for the enthusiastic scene worshipping fellowship organisational 24/7 action squad, not a cynical Amiga Elitest like myself who likes to drop bits of information and marvel at his hardware and generally do nothing else

I do go against my usual manner and do help occassionally. But I just can't forgive people who actually don't learn from ground zero. That is just utter utter madness.

In 1986 there was no internet, there was barely a bbs, we all had to learn the hardway, but incidently the best way.

Read the Manual, I've always done this. Even today I read the manual from front to back before putting in a new 360 game

Learn what you can THEN venture into the unknown
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