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Gabriel Knight 2 - English subtitles patch

One of my all time favourite games is Gabriel Knight 2. It's one of those FMV games (which are usually bad) but this one is excellent. Mostly due to the great storyline and fantastic music.

Anyway, the first and third games in the series both have the option for English subtitles.. being European, I'm used to having subtitles in my adventure games. And GK2 lacks that option.

So I decided to make subtitles for the game. I used this patch a Spanish guy made to have Spanish subtitles in the game and simply replaced all the Spanish with English.

There will be errors here and there as I typed it all down by listening to the speech while playing the game... and some dialogue was tricky to hear.

Here's a little video I made showing parts of it (and a download link in the video description) -

[ Show youtube player ]
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