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Originally Posted by Stratman79 View Post
What do you mean by;
b) ADF2Disk
c) X-copy(I assume that's a copy program of some sort??)
Hi Stratman,

Follow TCD's instructions on how to get access to the Zone, and I'll upload DH's file for you again.

X-Copy is a program for serious disk imaging (i.e. copying the contents of a disk to file), and ADF2Disk is a program for writing a disk image file (ADF - Amiga Disk File) back to a floppy disk.

I'll let you know when I've uploaded the file.


[Edit] Zoned! However, as you've now logged out, I don't suppose you're interested, and if Slayer is correct in his assumptions below, then you'll have no need for these files anyway.

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