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This will only work on games that load in from a standard disk format. Use X-copy to copy everything, it's very easy to use

I'll upload X-copy Pro 5 to the zone along with ADF2Disk so you can put xcopy back onto a floppy

It'll be x-copy pro 7 not pro 5 that I mentioned earlier
Dude, I REALLY appreciate the brilliantly friendly response, but I've got to be completely honest - I have absolutely NO idea what that all means...!?!

I'm completely UNtechnical when it comes to Amigas! It's games all the way; always has been!!
I've got a genuine A600 that doesn't have internet access, and uses Double-Sided Double Density 3.5" floppies. Does you generous offer work under those conditions? PM me if you want, coz I'm more confused than ever now!!
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