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I generally think these kind of threads are useless or pointless, but as I've come to expect the general body of humanity insists on discussing these kind of topics.

To me the Amiga is not classic retro or otherwise.

I brought my Amiga in 1986 and have never stopped using AmigaOS since so for me at least the Amiga experience is current and continuing to evolve.

I have a SAM now and running OS4.1 and things have never looked better...

Amiga Inc or anyone else for that matter could simply disappear, it wouldn't make any damn difference except I'd have to make do with what I have and what I can acquire over the next 10-20 years from people selling there equipment, but since I have 55 Amiga Hardware Systems to date, I don't see myself running out of Anything Amiga for my lifetime at any rate, so my Amiga experience will always be current...
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