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Precious & fragile things

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Amiga 2000, 1 X DD 1 X HD Floppy, 030 GVP with 68882, 4 X CDRW, 250 Mb + 1.011 Gb drives OS 3.1.

Atari 99A4 with carts.

C64 + two Excellerator drives, or WTF they were called, with Action Replay cart.

2 X Compaq Aero 8000, with extended CF 32 Mb

Acer Laptop, nothing special

PS/1 PC, not Sony, for testing old ram.

Music PC - Athlon DC 4800, 7600GS, 2Gb

Main PC - DC E8600, 4Gb, 2 X 4870X2, own nuclear power plant to run it.

Netgear SC101T with 1Tb HDD mirror, backs up all, including Miggy

All sorts of miscellaneous hardware, HDD drives ( small Miggy spares ) upto 320 Gb, 5.25" FDD, power supplies, heatsinks, shedloads of RAM, including some of the harder to find 2Mb & 4Mb 30 pin SIMMS, 72 pin SIMMS, PC100, PC133 and up.

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