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Moderator Introductions


I'm BippyM (Real name Mark) and I am one of four global moderators here at EAB. There are also many moderators each with responsibility for certain forums and sub-forums.

The purpose of this thread is for myself and the other moderators to introduce ourselves and let you know what we like, dislike, find interesting etc..

Here is a little about myself.

I have been an Amiga user since 1990 where my old man purchased me an Amiga for christmas. I almost immediately killed the floppy drive and the warranty stickers (Trying to fix it) and my dad was not impressed!

The repair cost around £120 (New drive and a cia chip had popped!). I was not too happy.

During the 90's I played games, used Dpaint, learnt a little programming, tried making music, used 3D rendering software. Taught myself how to rip files (Pics/music) out of games etc as well as other stuff.

In 2001 I joined EAB and the rest is history

Now I tend to spend most of my time with my family (I have 4 children 3 boys Michael is 10, Ryan 8, Liam 2 and Elloiuse-Mai is 2 weeks old), and as such Amiga endevours (Of which I am involved with lots) are on the back burner.

Other interests are fishing, watching films and tv shows (Heroes, Bones, Fringe etc), though with work and family I have very little time.

I currently own many Amiga's and other retro machines (Acorn Electrons, Spectrum's etc).

Please say hi in your own thread, and all mods can please use this thread.

Oh and my fave Amiga game is Captive, and on my PS3 I play Metal Gear 4, Call of Duty 4, FEAR 2 and others


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