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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
I don't have a wife yet, but my girlfriend doesn't really care much about games in general, except the odd DS game. She had some bad experiences with them, especially a former boyfriend who liked to play GTA: San Andreas more than be with her (I have to be careful playing that game...). She does think that my remake projects are cool though, being a dev herself

Still, She loves to play games like Mario Kart with me, so it is not all bad
What? You? You, girlfriend? NOOOOOOOOO! I have to buy larger cage.

Yes, girls and women like cute games, they prefer classical 2D arcade games (James Pond or Lollypop would be ideal for them) and dislike games with blood and violence. I remember my highschool mate liked Prince of Persia a lot and hated Doom and DN3D. My friends girlfriend prefers Kings Quest and Heroes Quest (QFG) series and he gave her Blade Runner- adventure on Christmas.

It will be different in next years I guess, computers are standard part of everybodys life.
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